New Venue of the Monday Evening Conversation Session from 24th April

After two years of having the conversations in Yellow Bench and now White Sushi, we are starting our new conversations with Santosa at 21 Albert Street. Santosa is a Yoga and Meditation Centre, and has a spacious cafe which can easily accomodate our conversation groups.

The time has also changed to 6:30pm. It’s due to the opening hours of the venue.

We are starting on 24th April at 6:30pm with an interesting topic

Is having a goal in life effective in becoming successful?

We are looking forward to see you there!

LCC Team


Happy Easter!

Dear Friends!

We will be closed on Easter Sunday and Monday, but we will be back the following week.

Mind we will change the venue of the Monday evening session. We are now going to be hosted by Santosa Yoga and Meditation at Albert St.

See you there and have a lovely Easter!



Volunteer with us!


We are looking for volunteers to co-host our Conversation Cafés on Sunday and Monday.

If you’ve been to our sessions, liked them and wanted to get involved, please contact Magda on

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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See you in the New Year!

Dear friends!

Today is our last meeting this year as our venues will be closed on the Christmas Days and New Year Day and the bank holiday on the 2nd January. We will be back on 8th and 9th January 2017.

On behalf of the team, I would like to wish you merry Christmas, a restful break and fantastic New Year’s Eve party. Hope the New Year will be generous in meaningful conversations and insights into other cultures.



LCC and the results of the referendum

As the project celebrating diversity and equality, in the view of the current events, we would like to express our concern, but at the same trust in the values of the society we chose to live in. Nicola Sturgeon and other Scottish politicians confirm that the contribution of all the immigrants is valued and welcome in Scotland, and we trust that.

If you feel concerned and would like to discuss the consequences of Brexit, please come to our conversation cafés. We will be there for you.

We meet three times a week:

  • Monday mornings: 10.30am to 12.00pm at Out Of The Blue Drill Hall Café, 30 – 38 Dalmeny Street, Edinburgh EH6 8RG
  • Monday evenings: 7.30pm to 9.00pm at Yellow Bench (downstairs), 31 Crighton Place, Leith Walk, Edinburgh, EH7 4NY
  • Sunday afternoons: 4.00pm to 5.30pm at Sketchy Beats Café (downstairs), 208 Great Junction Street, Edinburgh, EH6 5LW

You can check  topics for the discussion under the When and where section

We are also on Facebook and MeetUp


See you next year!

Big thanks to everyone who’s joined our conversations this year!  Thank you for making us smile and laugh, thank you for making us think, thank you for inspiring us and thank you for opening our minds to so many new and brilliant ideas!

We are now taking a 4 week break until Sunday 10th January 2016 and we will miss our weekly conversations very much but look forward to seeing what the new year brings 🙂

Wishing you all happy holidays,

The Leith Conversation Cafes team

Helping Neighbours, Developing Communities

Mary O’Connell from Leith Time Bank is coming to join us for a special conversation group on Monday 7th December at Out of the Blue Drill Hall cafe. If you’d like to find out more about how you can exchange your skills and time with others in your area, come along and join us!

Leith Time Bank is an exciting new idea that gives people like you the opportunity to share time and skills to develop your community.

We know everyone has skills, knowledge and experience to offer, which could be beneficial to someone, such as gardening, sewing, listening, simple repairs and running errands. Time Banking is a way for people to exchange their skills and time.

For every hour members ‘deposit’ in a Time Bank, perhaps by giving practical help and support to others, they are able to ‘withdraw’ equivalent support in time when they themselves are in need. Everyone’s time is valued equally whatever is being offered.

1 hour of time = 1 Time Credit

So, for example:

Jenny, Bob and Patricia are Time Bank members.  Jenny has hurt her back and needs someone to weed her garden. Bob loves being outdoors and helps Jenny, earning 2 time credits.

Bob need some advice to cook nutritious meals and gets help from Patricia, whose passion is food.

Patricia needs someone to teach her simple computer skills so she can stay in touch with her friend who has moved abroad. Jenny teaches computer in university and helps Patricia.

The Time Broker facilitates all exchanges and records everyone’s time credit.

This kind of exchange is not new – it has traditionally occurred amongst families and friends. All Leith Time Bank does is to provide a new structure for neighbourliness.

As Mary puts it: “Leith Time Bank is about neighbours being neighbours.”

Leith Time Bank
Sophie and Mary promoting Leith Time Bank at Leith Festival Gala Day

Artists’ Studios Open Day at Out of the Blue

Every Monday morning at 10.30am we meet up for a warming coffee and a hearty conversation under the beautiful high glass ceiling of Out of the Blue on Dalmeny Street in Leith.

Out of the Blue is a long established creative hub based in an old army drill hall.  This impressive and unusual space is also home to artists studios, dance classes, craft fairs, exhibitions and performances (pictured).

Details of their programme of events and classes can be found here.  And for those of you curious to see what arty goodness goes on behind all those secretive little closed doors, there is an Artists’ Studios Open Day coming up on Saturday 5 December, 11am to 5pm alongside the Christmas Arts Market.  See their website for more.


Stop the Hate

What is a Hate Crime?  Where can you go for help if you are a victim?  And how can you stand up for others?

We will be having a special conversation about Hate Crime on Monday 23 November from 7.30pm to 9.00pm at Yellow Bench.  We’ll also be joined by a community police officer from Leith Police Station.